Friday, July 15, 2011


I am hearing, 'What can I do?' way too much this summer. So I saw this cute idea to make garden markers out of rocks and thought it would be a perfect way to fix the boredom blues.
Princess P helped me paint the base coat of 3, but then she got bored of painting and left me to it. I had all the stuff out, so I thought I'd just finish.

They turned out cute, but I ended up doing them all but one and that wasn't the purpose of the activity. Princess P did come back out to do the green beans. I need to clear coat them and then they'll go in the garden. So much for my bright idea of keeping kids busy


Unknown said...

These remind me of my babysitting kit I had when I was a teenager. I painted a bunch of rocks to like food and took them everywhere I babysat. I remember the little kids LOVED them!

Journey Rocks! said...

What a cute idea!