Saturday, October 1, 2011


As most of you know, my oldest daughter has been a river guide up on the Payette rivers this summer. She has had some adventures of which some of us in the family are jealous.

She ran rivers everyday for most of the summer (here she is on one of the trips- isn't she the cutest river guide ever? Love that grin!) and never got sick of it. In their spare time, all the guides would go run the river again. She even learned to kayak, of which Big C is VERY proud.
For the last month, the river levels have been low and the river business has been slow, but did she come home? No. She went to have more adventures.
Like going for a 2,500 mile road trip in her 1992 Honda Civic (aka. the Hot Tamale) with two European guys. Here she is in the Sawtooths. Wow! Beautiful!

Here they are reading Banks Mag (local Payette Magazine). She said they treated her like a little sister and wouldn't even let her cook. One was from the Czech Republic and the other was from Slovakia. By the end of the trip she says they were fighting like brothers and sisters too.

She made it all the way to the Pacific ocean (here's where MY jealousy comes in). This is a gorgeous beach at La Push (Twilight readers will know of the significance- she even had a romantic occurrence happen- ask her about it). And even if you aren't a Twilight fan, you can't deny the beauty of this place. I have always wanted to go to the Pacific Northwest. I'm sure I'll get there some day and S says she'll go back with me. I am so in awe of the life she led this summer. She had amazing opportunities and she took them.

I love hearing all of her stories. (This one involved a bear). I have no doubt she will lead an exciting life. She's off to a great start...


Anonymous said...

Loved IT!
Yo girl... you better come to the Pacific Northwest. It will love you and you it.
Love YOU... Yea for Adorable S!

Fraser's and Co. said...

Who wouldnt be jealous??? I am jealous of my son's trip to Alaska for work this summer... and that pales in comparison to the adventures your daughter has had