Friday, November 11, 2011


Pinterest strikes again! I pinned these covered light switches on Pinterest and thought about doing them. Then, I saw that my sister had some in her home and they looked SO cute. She bought them at a local store and my decision was set in stone.
Last night I got busy and did almost my whole upstairs. Here are some of my favorites. I am SO thrilled with them. My kids were even impressed and they aren't easily impressed by crafts.

The key is to find cute scrapbook paper. I have TONS in my stash, so that part was easy.

(Sorry about this crappy photo- I'm too lazy to take another one). The other key is to use spray glue. The website I looked at said to use mod podge or paste, but spray adhesive was SO much easier. I tried them both ways.

At the end, you Mod Podge over the top to keep them from getting too dirty too fast and VIOLA! You've covered over 18 years of cracked, stained switch covers and added a fun decorative element to your room. I even used a recipe card one for my kitchen. Will the cuteness ever end?

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Kristen Weller said...

Look at you! So far the only thing I've actually done from Pinterest besides recipes is to stash my empty grocery bags in a tissue box. Looks great!