Sunday, November 27, 2011


I LOVE this tradition! We always have such a great time going up the canyon to find a Christmas tree, especially when the weather is sunny and fairly warm like it was yesterday.
The kids went sledding down the road. It was really packed down and icy; perfect for flying down the road, but not great for dodging all the vehicles coming up and going down. I swear, half of Utah was up there with us.

We grilled hot dogs, drank hot chocolate, and visited with family and friends. Here are Princess P, S, Me and Little C enjoying the day.

On our hike out into the forest, we found a leak in the culinary water pipe. It had been spraying for a while and left this cool ice formation. It was taller than Princess P!

And here it is, probably the UGLIEST tree we have ever had. The lights didn't even help it. Oh well. It is serving it's purpose and we had a great time going to get it, so we'll put up with it.

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