Sunday, January 29, 2012


We started Printmaking 2 with monotypes. I have enjoyed monotypes up until this point. Now, I am very frustrated! They are VERY time consuming and I still don't have one I love.
Here is the first one I did. It is a tree (hopefully that was obvious). It took me about two hours (the plate is about 23"). The left side of the tree is lacking in foliage, but it wasn't supposed to be. It is hard to tell what is going to print and what isn't, so things end up lighter than you think they are going to be. But even though there are problems with it, there are still things I really like about this one. The textures are awesome!

This is a multiple color, multiple 'drop' monotype on top of a Xylene transfer. The yellow wheat is subtractive and the figure is additive. All total it took about 5 hours.

My aspens were a bit disappointing. I did another one too, but I am having computer issues and it won't let me download any more photos. It took me about 4 hours and the second one took me about 6 (multiple drops/multiple colors). There are things I like about this one and things I like about the second one. Will I EVER get it right??? I have the faculty show coming up and I am really feeling the pressure!!

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