Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have put this post off for a while just because I have no photos to show for all the time I've missed. I had a family party at my house and in all my hostess duties, completely spaced digitally recording any memories. I know, that is SO unlike me. I guess I will briefly record our New Year's weekend and move on.

New Year's Eve day, we went up the mountain to play in the snow. It was FREEZING, windy and icy so we only stayed 2 hours- very unlike us. That night my family came to town for dinner and we played some games afterwards. The kids all had fun with the cousins but we were still in bed by 11 pm. I am just not a big fan of staying up late, even for New Year's.

I have some resolutions floating around in my head, but nothing to record permanently yet. There, I've posted about New Year's (my least favorite holiday of the year). Now we can move on.

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