Friday, January 13, 2012


D and A competed in a talent show at their high school yesterday. I went to watch and take photos but low and behold the battery in my camera was out of juice. I was sad. They ROCKED the house- umm, the school! I was so proud of them! Their band took 2nd place (I think they should have gotten first, but I am their mom...).

Then, later in the day, Princess P was at a birthday party when I got a phone call that some kid was swinging an arrow and she had been hit in the eye with the back of the arrow and I should come look at it. I ended up taking her to the eye doctor and she had huge scratches in her cornea with wood pieces still in there, and a big gouge in the white part of the eye. It was pretty creepy looking. They cleaned it out, put a contact-type 'band-aid' on her eye and we had to put antibiotic drops in once an hour.

Today we went back to the doctor and he said it has already almost closed. Our bodies are so amazing! Eyes are amazing! Kids are amazing! We feel very blessed. It could have been SO much worse!

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