Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My second son is trying to get his Eagle Scout award (well, Big C and I are trying to get him to get his Eagle Scout award). He's been ready to do a project for over a year and has just barely gotten the okay to go ahead. He has lost his enthusiasm for scouts. When he was a Webelos scout he got every pin there was, now we'll be lucky if he gets the minimum for his Eagle. He does feel a bit of encouragement, however, because until he has his Eagle award he can't get his driver's license...
An old headstone in the cemetery. Princess P took the photos while I wrote down the info. She did a great job!
Which brings us to his project. He is going to take photos of the graves in our cemetery so that the city can put them on a website. When people are searching for their ancestors, they can pull up a photo of the headstone and get the info off the photo and not have to come to the cemetery and look for it. It is very tedious work, but for a great cause. We went out and did a hundred last night for family night and it took about an hour and a half with three different pairs working. We have lots of hours ahead of us. The scouts will do most of them, but I'll bet we do more as a family too.

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