Monday, May 28, 2012


I am struggling with my older children and their life adventures this week. D went on a Senior Trip with some of his friends to Las Vegas. Thankfully they are not staying on the Strip, but at a relative's house.
The Stratosphere in Las Vegas
The relative is going to take them boating on Lake Mead, to the Stratosphere and an aquarium.  I know he's going to have a blast.

S is on a river trip in the Grand Canyon. She is a 'swamper', which means she is working for her passage on the trip- not getting paid. They will cover 200 miles in 14-15 days. She had to do homework the 2 weeks before she left because she is missing the first week of summer semester, but she was so excited to go she didn't care.

 I hope all goes well for her and she has an AMAZING time! Big C is so sad he couldn't go. She is even on a trip with dories -Big C's dream.
She kept texting Big C before she left that she 'needs a dory'. Big C has always wanted one too, so I'm sure at some point in our life we will end up with one. Yikes.

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