Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I finally got my tea party book done! It was for the final in my Printmaking 2 class. 

This is the cover. I love the pink on pink!
I am still going to add a bit of explanation inside on the front end page. I will talk about the teapots and that these are each a representation from my collection.
This is the inside. Sorry so small, it's so long it doesn't photograph very well.
I did two large duo tone (2 color) sintra cuts and a xylene transfer for the tablecloth. As I folded the pages into an accordion book, I made it appear as though they were all one stack.

This is the colophon page on handmade paper (not mine) with pressed flowers in it. I wanted it to look like an elegant tea party invitation. It was a very fun book to do and I love the way it all turned out so girly and pink! 

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Karleigh Jae said...

Super fun Kim! I love how they are all stacked. Makes me want to hold the book to catch them from falling :)

Very beautifully done!