Sunday, June 3, 2012


We took off and went to run the Green River this weekend with some friends. It was HOT!! It was freezing last weekend and when we got down there Friday it was 95˚! We roasted!

Our yummy shishkabobs! Mmmm good!
We had to cook our dinner over an open fire. That wasn't very fun, but the food was luscious, so that kind of made up for it.
Muscle flexing around the fire. (Little C in green)
By that evening everyone had gotten there and we had a great time around the fire. Camping is fun (except when it is so hot you can't sleep and the wind is blowing sand into your sleeping bag through the mesh of your tent- just saying...)!

Riding in the raft on the way up the river is almost more fun than riding it down the river.
The Green River is so perfect for kids. They shot each other with squirt guns, got pushed into the river, got sucked into the quick sand, and floated the flat sections in their life jackets.

The beach is always the favorite part of the trip.
Another successful family adventure!


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check out the 8 pack on that boy!

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