Saturday, June 9, 2012


Big C, D and A were at a Book of Mormon Youth Conference this week. It was a huge production the Stake has been working on for months and from what I gather, it was an amazing experience.
A in his shades without his costume.
Each ward had 2 or 3 scenes from the Book of Mormon to re-enact for the rest of the stake. The sets and costumes were amazing!

A during the tug-o-war.
They also did faith-building activities during the day including building rafts and racing them, having flour wars, battle re-enactments, and 'likening' sessions where they would discuss how to liken the scriptures to themselves.

Big C stealing a flag during the flour wars.
The adults were just as into it as the youth. It made a big impact on everyone who attended.

D with his food.
The only complaint I heard was about the food. It had a lot to be desired I guess. (The only reason I'm glad I wasn't there). 

Christ calling his Nephite apostles. (D is the 3 'apostle' from the left).
The last night they re-enacted the Christ in America scene. Each person attending was able to go up and hug 'the Savior'. There were many tears and hearts touched. I actually got to see this part and the spirit was very strong. I am so glad my sons were able to have this wonderful Youth Conference experience.

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