Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Our friends invited us out to Gunnison Reservoir for family night last night. It was another scorcher of a day, so we jumped at the chance! The levels are very low at this lake too. We are fast running out of water in Utah!
Unloading the speed boat and all the paddle boats.
We didn't get out there until 7 pm, but packed a lot of fun hours into the evening. All the kids got to ride the tube, knee board, or wake board behind the boat.

The sun is going down, hurry and have fun!
And the rest of the time they paddled the kayaks and stand up boards to their hearts content. There were also plenty of treats.
The kids with M and his large, ugly carp.
One of the kids shot a big old carp with his bow and arrow. He was very proud of it, so I took a photo of him with the fish. The girls wanted to be in it with him. We didn't get home until 10, but it was worth the late night.

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