Monday, August 27, 2012


My honey and I went on a 'date' Saturday over the mountain to Joe's Valley. He kayaked the river and I painted. I didn't get much done because it kept raining and if anyone has ever watercolored, you know that rain drops on your paper just aren't conducive to a lovely looking painting.
Big C and I.
Big C had a good run though. There wasn't lots of water, but he made it work. He hasn't done Cottonwood Creek at all this summer, so he just HAD to get one run in before the season is over. We are probably done with rivers this year. Everything we usually do in the fall are all puddles and streams. So sad.

Big C kayaking Cottonwood Creek.

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Sheree Thomson said...

I love Kayaking! Not long now until where I live gets warmer weather again! :-)
Just found your blog randomly hitting the 'next blog' button on blogger. Cool little blog you got here! :-)