Sunday, September 23, 2012


This Sunday we were asked to attend a session of the Brigham City temple dedication instead of our regular church meetings. We went to the 9 am session and were all able to go since Princess P was even old enough. It was a nice meeting and we were done by 10:30...
The beautiful, new Brigham City temple. we decided to go on a Sunday drive. Some of the other Gordons wanted to come too. We all rode in the same truck so we could visit and be together. Grandpa and Grandma rode in the back with the kids. It was padded out with mattresses and quilts.

That's a load of Gordons!
It was a beautiful ride! The leaves are changing and there was every color of autumn leaf you can imagine! I LOVE IT! 
Boys are always boys, even if they're men.
We drove up Ephraim Canyon and out Skyline Drive to the Horseshoes. It was freezing by then! All the guys found boulders to roll down the cliffs and watch them bounce forever. I am amazed at how long this activity enraptured them. I think we'd still be up there throwing and watching rocks roll down the mountain if it was up to them!

Me with Big C and the Sanpete Valley.
The view is gorgeous from up there! We live in such a beautiful world! How truly blessed we are.

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