Monday, October 8, 2012


Saturday of General Conference weekend we went  up Maple Canyon to climb again. S headed up early with Big C and some of her friends to do a multi-pitch climb called The Eagle's Nest before we got there. They did it the week before too.
S rappelling down.
It was very cold all day. I can't imagine how cold it was while they were climbing at 7 am. Burrr! They are dedicated!
S (middle) and two of her climbing buddies.
While we were in the car driving there, we were listening to Conference and they announced the changes that were made to the missionary ages. S was dying. She would have gone two years ago if they'd changed it then!

A buried in the leaves.
The kids played and climbed all afternoon. We kept having to move to stay in the sun. It was very cold in the shade with the breeze blowing on us.

Little C rappelling upside down.
We brought lunch and ate and then listened to Conference when it started again. It was a good day.
Princess P and Big C all harnessed up.

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