Sunday, October 21, 2012


 Our friends invited us to go to Lake Powell for our Fall Break. I was so thrilled when Big C said that we could go! Yeah! I hadn't been to Lake Powell since I was a Sophomore in college and my kids had never been, so we were more than ready to go!
Gotta get warm by the fire!
We ate lots of yummy food, rode in the boat, waterskied, rode the tube, paddled kayaks, hiked, rappelled, zip lined, fished, and just had a great time enjoying such a beautiful place! 

Hiking up the mesa by our camp.
We can't just sit around camp, so we went hiking/climbing up a huge mesa by our campsite. We also found a place to rappel too.

Little C goes head first!!
Everybody loved the rappelling so much they went back and did it a second day! They also set up a zip line into the water by our campsite, but it wasn't steep enough to really go very fast, so it wasn't as popular.
Big C in the setting sun.
Waterskiing was something only the adults did. The younger generation only wants to wake board. (Reminds me of skiing and snowboarding).

Big C, Me and our friend, J.
I ended up riding behind the boat on the tube and have not laughed that hard for a long time! It was SO fun! My arms still hurt from holding on for dear life!
Beauty parlor on the beach.
The girls (who were in the minority) all got their hair done in cornrows- with beads and everything! They looked so cute!

Princess P, Big C and I.
We just flat out had a ball! The weather and water were great and so was the company. We are so glad we have such awesome friends that let us tag along to fun places with them! We came home tired, sore and tan. What more can you want from a trip to Lake Powell?

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