Saturday, February 2, 2013


I finally got to see my sweet Hermana S in the MTC. She looks so cute with her name badge. I am exploding with proudness and love for this girl of mine.
S is the one in the middle with the floral top.
 She is companions with one of her best friends who is going to the same mission and speaking Spanish too. I am not sure how they ended up being comps, but S was so happy!
Here she (right) is with her companion.
 A quote from her newest letter we got yesterday: "The language study goes well! Well, better. It is a very slow process and takes a lot of work, but it is so very worth it! I don't remember if I said this last time, but if I could just have have uno persona hear my voice and understand and believe, all of this study would be more than worth it!"
These two goofs must be having a blast together!
One more quote: "We get 'investigators' and we taught our first on the second day. Well, we had the last discussion with him last week and guess what!? He committed to baptism! Hermana J and I worked very hard on our lesson. We prayed right before we went in and it was the very first lesson that I let myself be lead by the spirit! Believe it or not it is muy difficio to depend on and trust the spirit in everything and I'm still working on it!"

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Leslie said...

I love it! So excited to hear how she is doing.