Thursday, July 25, 2013


Big C and A only worked half day on the 24th, so we decided to get out of the heat and go up Ephraim Canyon. We went over to Reader Canyon and it was BEAUTIFUL!! The flowers were every color and in full bloom! 
Reader Flat
Unfortunately it looked like it was getting ready to storm pretty heavy and we didn't want to have to travel that dugway in the rain, so we didn't stay there all day.
Princess P just had to pick some flowers.
Little C walks the fence. (Scary dugway in the background.)
We ended up headed back up on top of Skyline to make our dinner.
Our campsite.
Lots of people were busy that day, so we didn't have a large group, but it was still really fun. We were glad for the canopy because it did end up raining on us a bit. We were all in shorts because we are so used to heat and it got chilly up there.
We ended up huddled around the fire for warmth.
A and Little C play a tune on their Fanta bottles.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I'm finally catching up on your blog. A nice day even if it did rain a bit!