Friday, July 19, 2013


We went up to Temple Square (click for link) for our Youth Conference this year and I could not have been more happy. We chose the 1 day option and had a very carefree, interesting, spiritual day.  There weren't as many of the kids that could attend as I would have liked, but the ones that came had a great time!
Our group. More girls than boys...
 Our schedule included a quick tour of the Assembly Hall and get-to-know-you activities with the sister missionaries. We had a speaker come talk to us and then went over to the Plaza for a yummy box lunch. 
The lunches were good and there was plenty to eat.
 While we were sitting there eating, a couple came by in their wedding finery for photos. The young women were enthralled by the white dress, the complete joy on the faces of the couple and the ring, of course. It was actually a great experience for all the kids.
I love O's face!
After lunch we went over the the Church History Museum, Family History Center, had cooking lessons from one of the chefs at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, toured the Conference Center, and did a scavenger hunt in Deseret Book. We went everywhere!

Desert Book flagship store.
We then, went back over to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for dinner and testimony meeting. We shared that with a few other wards and then called it a day. Over all, it was such a wonderful day and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. There's just such a great spirit in Temple Square. You can't beat that.

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