Thursday, November 7, 2013


Last night Little C had his first band concert for this year. He is now in percussion instead of clarinet and it makes it very difficult to take photos.  He's always at the very back and the lighting is always really bad.
There he is, barely above the band's heads.
He did a great job and is really enjoying percussion. He has private lessons on the drum set once a week too. He is following in big brother, D's footsteps. He played the bass drum, symbols and a variety of other instruments- one of the advantages of being in percussion.

Here he is with his drum sticks.
We hurried over to the church right after the concert for Young Men/Young Women- or Mutual. The Young Women did a combined activity. It was a Mommy/Daughter Dinner and we all had a great time eating soup and salad and cookies. 

Some of my good friends in the photo booth.
Princess P had Activity Days, so I didn't get to bring a daughter with me, but after they ate we took goofy photos of them in the Mommy/Daughter photo booth. They turned out pretty awesome!
The crazy Beehive class.
I work with a bunch of clowns!

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