Tuesday, December 17, 2013


It's the time of year for the infamous Christmas piano recital. My youngest two are the only ones still playing. I am still holding out to get at least one kid that will be able to play hymns in church someday, but it is a struggle. 
Princess P and Little C await their turn at the piano.
Both of the kids did great! I didn't think Little C was ready, but he played perfectly. Some people thrive on the pressure of performance to play their best. I am sad to say that I was never one of those people, but Little C obviously is. (A was too, now that I think about it...) 
Sister P (the best piano teacher ever), Princess P and Little C.
Princess P nailed it too, but I knew she would. She's actually really good to practice, so she was ready. Now we have a little break from lessons and they are glad.

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