Monday, February 3, 2014


We had our New Beginnings last night- yes, on Super Bowl Sunday. I know, I got a lot of grief from the men of the ward (and even some of the women). It truly was an accident. But, when it came down to the wire, we had lots show up (so many we had to add two more rows of chairs.) I was proud of them for making the hard choice. Believe me, I will never create that kind of controversy again!
Our theme color was pink to go with the season of February.
We got together for one of the combined YW activities and made the fan pinwheels out of tissue paper and the buntings out of left over scrapbook paper. 

The gifts the girls got to take home.
We had a bunch of left over frames from a craft and I repainted them and distressed them for one of my Personal Progress projects. (I am now done with Faith and Good Works- only took me a year). I ordered the posters off of Etsy and printed them at a place here in town. (I bought the value ones too! I just love them!)

Some of our pink treats.
Princess P came with me to help me decorate last night. She loves it even though she is only ten. She's such a girly girl- I love it!!

Princess P eats pink treats!
For the program, we had 6 girls (one from each age group) share experiences with their Personal Progress that helped them Come Unto Christ (the 2014 mutual theme). We also sang the new theme song 'Come Unto Christ' and the Bishop spoke as well. We showed a photo slide show of 2013 in review as well. It was a fun night!
Some of my friends and me (in gray).

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kristin said...

I am Kristin from CdotLove on etsy, and I LOVE how you did the Come Unto Christ prints in all different frames! That is so so cute, and they look fantastic.

Do you mind if I share the photo on my blog?

xo - Kristin (