Saturday, March 29, 2014


Little C is getting to be not-so-little. He still loves soccer SOOO MUCH! I am so glad. I have had all my kids play, but none of them really liked like I did- except for Little C! I am so glad!
Little C in his traveling team uniform.
He has two games every Saturday and that kind of takes over everything else, but it doesn't bother me at all! I love to watch and cheer him on.
Little C is a pretty fast runner. That helps a lot!
He wasn't feeling very well today. We have had some nasty sickness going around our house and it doesn't go away very fast. He came home after the second game and crashed hard. But while he was playing, he just went hard. I was proud!

Princess P drawing a masterpiece.
Princess P wasn't very excited about going to the games, but she took her drawing stuff and made the most of it. She also drew one of spring flowers. She's going to send the soccer one to Elder Gordon and the flowers to Sister Gordon.
Princess P's drawing of Little C (left).
There is a lot of shoving that goes on and the refs never call it.
Little C was getting pushed around quite a bit yesterday, so I told him to push back. He's a kid for fair play and doesn't fight or shove naturally, but he wasn't about to get run over either. He scored a goal in the second game! It was great! They won both games yesterday and then RSL won that night too! It was an awesome soccer day!

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