Sunday, June 8, 2014


Yes, we went up Maple Canyon to go climbing again yesterday. A and Little C refused to go because they were sick of climbing and wanted to hang with friends, so we left them home.
Some of the Gordon girls.
Big C's sister was visiting from New Mexico, so all of his sisters were there, plus Grandma and Grandpa Gordon and some in-laws. It was fun to have so many of us together.
Aunt J tells a story.
 It was a lovely day to be in the forest and we found a wonderfully, quiet spot to climb.
Princess P climbs a skinny little chimney climb.

Princess P again.
 Princess P is taking after her older sister and becoming a very good climber! She loves it.

Me, painting.
I snuck off and painted. It was fun! I have missed it. I haven't been painting for a long time! 
The view I was painting.
My painting.
Not my favorite, and definitely not finished, but I will take painting over climbing any day!

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