Saturday, August 9, 2014


After rock climbing in Maple Canyon, we headed up to SLC to watch Real Salt Lake play. It is one of my favorite things to do. I swear, if we lived closer I would have season tickets. It is just so fun to go and cheer on our team!
My family is excited too!

Rio Tinto stadium.
Sister S has been working in Logan since she got home. She was 'home' from her mission for about 15 minutes and then she moved right along with her life. Sad, but true. *small tear trickles down my cheek*-sniff. Ok, sob story over... She met us in SLC since she was already at the Outdoor Retailers Show for work. It was very fun to have her come!
Sister S shows us her groovy swag from the OR show. (glasses)

Awesome A couldn't come. He had to work.
 Little C is the biggest soccer fan in our home and he was in heaven! The poster on the back of the program had two of his favorite players on the back (Plata and Rimando). Just add Kyle Beckerman and he'd be set!
Little C and his poster.

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