Tuesday, September 2, 2014


We got invited to my brother-in-law's cabin for the long weekend. It was in a BEAUTIFUL location, right by Dolores, Colorado and we had a wonderful time!
The cabin.

Getting acquainted with the locals.

Big C practiced his roping skills on Princess P and Little C.

Then we went into Telluride.

We rode the free gondolas.

The boys took their bikes and rode the trails on the resort.

This English style phone booth reminded us of Elder Gordon in England.

So did the British flag on the street. It was the Telluride Film Festival.

We went to church in Cortez.

My BIL, my sister, Me and Big C.

We went on a big hike to see some waterfalls. What a beautiful place!

Princess P got her face painted with berry juice by Big C.

One of the waterfalls.
Big C took a fly rod off the wall of the cabin and caught these two beauties in the Dolores River.

A small Gordon family. The other kids had to work.
We sure had a great time and hope to be invited back soon!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! love it..
and u!

Megan Perez said...

Wonderful photos, I loved the telli and the flag, the horses were beautiful,