Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The Ice Bucket Challenge has been all over Facebook for the past three or so weeks as awareness for ALS. A cute girl from our ward in her Sophomore year of college was just diagnosed with ALS a week or two ago. Our community decided to do a town-wide ice bucket challenge just for her. 
K and I.
There were raffles and a bake sale as well. I even bought a t-shirt.
Our family and a friend photobombing us. (I guess I thought it was super funny, huh?)
The dumping of the buckets.
We didn't do the ice bucket part because we had family night to go to afterward. We did do the bake sale and the raffles. The support from the community was amazing! They raised a lot of money and it was very exciting to see all the people (both friends and others that didn't even know her).
Little C getting a hug from all of his wet friends.
Dark dinner.
Afterwards, we went over to our BIL and SIL's for dinner and Family Night. The electricity had gone out and we ended up having dinner in the dark in the carport. It was really fun and really good. Then the kids went and played night games. The power didn't come back on til after 8 pm (out for about 4 hours.)

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