Sunday, October 12, 2014


Baptisms are great times to get the family together. I love to see my kids playing with their cousins. I loved my cousins so much and I hope they are building life-long bonds with their cousins, like I did with mine.
Miss G and Princess P- cousins and buddies.
I never did get a photo of the sweet cousin that was baptized...
After the baptism, we went up to the Barn for a luncheon and family bonding time.

Cousins C and L, with Gma and Gpa snoozing in the background.
My in-laws grew some great raspberries this year and were kind enough to share them. I was thrilled! Raspberry jam is my favorite- ESPECIALLY the homemade kind! It always reminds me of my Aunt J up in Logan... They grew their own raspberries too and she made great jam! I miss you Aunt J!
Gma and Gpa picking the raspberries.
Big C picking raspberries and feeding them to Baby W.
I {heart} raspberries!
Look at all those luscious berries! YUM!
My jam turned out so yummy!!
Baby W will even eat the sour pears that grow in the old orchard. Crazy kid!

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