Friday, November 28, 2014


One of the fun traditions that kicks off Christmas for our family (just like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation) is going to cut down our own tree in the woods.
Hiking out Black Stumps.
We took Big C's sister and her son with us too. It is such a fun tradition that I can't complain about having a scraggly, sad, Charlie Brown tree when we get home.
Princess P and Sister S as lumberjacks.
It is such a fun day of hiking and snowball fights and enjoying the great outdoors in the snow!
Here's our poor little victim tree this year.
SIL N, Cousin C, Sister S and Princess P with N's tree. I had tree envy.
Grabbing the bumper and holding on for the ride!
Hooky bobbing, as it is know as in Sanpete County, is a fun past time- sometimes known as switching, bumper hitching, bumper shining, poggying, buzzing, or bumper jumping. I remember doing it at Christmas with my brothers when we first moved here. It's fun to see my kids doing it now.

The Gordon Tree for 2014
Lights and decorations can really help any little tree. The sad thing is that the top half of the lights went out two days later. Oh well. We tried.

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