Friday, December 26, 2014


Another Christmas has come and gone. I am always so sad when the Holidays are finished. I go through withdrawal and wish I could do it all over again. I love the magic and always will.

Princess P and Sister S. I love these girls!
Awesome A, Aunt P and Sister S. Ready to open gifts.
Christmas Eve gift opening is always so fun.
Our cute little grunge baby nephew, W.
Kids on the stairs! 'Quit taking photos and let's go see what Santa brought!'
Santa sure was good to these kids this year!
 Sister S got her green iPhone. Little C got new skis and boots (since he has grown so much and can't even wear Dad's stuff anymore!). Princess P got her iPod Touch! Awesome A got the brand new GoPro. Everyone was more than happy!
We all got Star Wars PJ bottoms this year too, except for Princess P. Santa couldn't find her size...
Christmas morning PJ's!
No one will dispute me when I say the VERY BEST part of Christmas was Skyping with Elder Gordon from England. We ate breakfast and ran home to get on the computer and it worked out just right. It was 5:00 pm his time and 9:00 am our time, so he'd done most of his Christmas stuff. 
Big, cheesy grin and a thumbs up from Elder Gordon!
He is so funny! We laughed and laughed at all the British terms he's using. He was actually wearing British flag cufflinks (he called them his 'posh' clothes or 'smart' clothes). He's going to be popular with the girls when he gets home. haha!
Chatting with Elder Gordon on Christmas Day.
The kids ran over and shoveled the neighbor's driveway before we went back up to the barn.
Awesome A and Uncle C in the truck, jamming to EDM.
Christmas Day playing in the snow and visiting the cows.

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