Monday, December 22, 2014


This was my favorite pre-Christmas activity we did this year! I LOVE Temple Square and at Christmas time it is the BEST! The lights are gorgeous, the spirit is strong and the crowds didn't even bother me (that much).
Family inside the Conference Center.
Family on top of the Conference Center.
Family with the lights and the temple.
We went to eat dinner at The Lion House with Big C's brother and his family. It was VERY yummy! I had never been there.
The kiddos with the lights! Sister S, Awesome A, Cousin L, and Little C.
After dinner we wandered around and looked at all the nativities and the lights, went through the Tabernacle, and tried not to freeze. There was no snow but it was a windy, chilly night. 
Cousins in the Tabernacle. Princess P, Miss G, Little L and Miss A.
 Right before we left the sister missionaries asked us to come sing I Am a Child of God with them. Princess P and Miss G wouldn't do it alone, so my SIL and I went with them.
Sister missionaries with Me, Princess P, Miss G and SIL J.
Cousins with the temple.
Our group. What a great Family Night!

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