Sunday, January 18, 2015


 It was a Fairview Day yesterday. We were going to go up to the little resort area, but it was so nice and calm up on top that we stayed up there. There was no wind and the sun was beaming! 
Princess P and me!
 Big C broke some ribs the other day and he's kind of out of commission (for him), so he and I drove snowmobile shuttle for the kids. They got some pretty good powder runs through the tree up there and Big C even had the two older ones dropping cornices! Crazy kids- and Dad!

Sister S and Princess P in the trees.
Princess P, Little C and Sister S
It was so warm that the kids started complaining that they were hot! We have been having some VERY warm January weather lately. I have mixed feelings about it. I know we need the snow and water, but I love the mild temperatures!

Family pic!
My hiking buddy, A, came up and we went snowshoeing out Skyline Drive. It was a beautiful view and a great workout.
Up on top of a huge cornice and you can't even tell.

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