Sunday, February 15, 2015


We actually took a half day off yesterday and went up in the mountains to play in the snow. We haven't had any substantial new snow in months, so we knew the conditions wouldn't be great. It was just a chance to get outside and soak in some sunshine. 
Princess P and Little C take a break in the snow.
Princess P and I went for a snowmobile ride over to Huntington Res and then came back to where Sister S and Little C were building a jump.  
Sister S catches some air off their jump.
Princess P and Sister S drive Little C up the hill so he can try it.
Little C takes some of that air for himself.
After a little while, we went to find Big C on his kite. The wind wasn't huge, but he managed to have a good time. He's still feeling the effects of broken ribs, so he hasn't been going much this year.
That's a man and his kite. A love affair to last the years... haha!
Even with broken ribs, he can still pull off some pretty awesome tricks on that kite!

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