Saturday, February 21, 2015


The countertops are done! It was a HUGE challenge and TONS of work. Would I do it again? I really don't know. It was exhausting and stressful, but it saved us tons of money doing it ourselves. We used the brand Surecrete and I am glad we did. They have made working with this type of concrete so much easier! Here's the process...
Forming the countertop.
We used melamine and styrofoam for our forms and poured them upside down. Big C was so precise with the sink hole that it fits perfectly! I was (and am) super impressed. He traced the shape of the sink onto a piece of styrofoam and then spackled the edges and then taped them with clear packing tape to make them ultra smooth. Then caulked the seams everywhere to create a bit of a rounded edge on the corners. After that, I treated all the surfaces with olive oil.

Big C mixing the special ingredients. Very important!
We chose to do hand pressed countertops because of the textural quality of the end result. It was by far my favorite type of concrete countertops when I researched them. Big C mixed the concrete about the thickness of silly putty and then you press handfuls into place. 
Our island countertop form. The cut out in this form is for our stove.
After the concrete is dry, Big C mixed up a different colored slurry (in our case, a dark gray), and filled in all the holes and gaps left by the putty-like cement. I creates a beautiful texture! He then wet sanded it and slurried/sanded again 2 more times.

He put a piece of plywood on the underneath side so that he could save space on material and weight.
Thank goodness for in-town family! They came over and helped us put in our countertops. They're a little heavy.
My countertop with the undermount sink. I LOVE IT!
Now we need to seal them and they are ready to go!

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