Monday, March 16, 2015


My oldest son is soon due home from his mission to Manchester, England. I can't tell you how excited I am to see him! He is such a fun, kind, obedient kid and a blast to be around. We're really missed him. 
Facebook tribute on his birthday this year. He's an awesome snowboarder, has fabulous fashion sense and is a passionate Pokemon player. Haha, JK on that last part.

Elder G and the oldest iron bridge in England.
 He got to call on British Mother's Day because he will miss the one for the US (because he will be home!). It was so great to talk with him and see him. We are so lucky to be able to Skype/FaceTime, etc... now. Back in the olden days, we would have had to pay a pretty hefty phone bill to talk to him for an hour. 

 He's grown so much on his mission, both in spirituality and in maturity. He shared his beautiful testimony of missionary work and the Savior with us. 
His comp, Elder J, and him as we FaceTimed yesterday.
 I am so proud of him and the amazing example he has been to our family. What a blessing it is to have missionaries out. I will really miss it.
Elder G and the Hogwarts Express.

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