Monday, April 27, 2015


C-man loves his soccer. He's so passionate about it. He practices everyday, even if it's just by himself in the backyard. If he wasn't so into it, I probably wouldn't drive him all over Central Utah to play. I do have to confess, I love watching him play! Soccer is one of the few team sports I enjoy.
It was stormy during their tournament games, that's why C-man has his arms in his shirt. He thinks he's pretty funny.
We had to drive to Ferron (over an hour and a half away) two Saturdays in a row. It was long and the weather was cold, windy, and rainy. That didn't stop the boys from playing well though.

C-Man (#14) bundled up in his warm clothes.
He started to warm up after he was playing a while, so he progressively sheds clothes. 
Look at that hair! 

Here's his team and coach. They were a great bunch of kids.

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