Sunday, May 10, 2015


Elder Gordon got released at 8 am on Friday and we took off for Zion National Park at 10. It was his requested destination for a quick family trip before Awesome A leaves for the summer for a job in the  Mid West. It poured on the way there, but cleared up for a bit while we did some hikes.
Back together again and in an amazingly gorgeous place.
I always forget how beautiful (and crowded) Zion is. I LOVE that place! Every thing I look at I want to paint! We had a good time being together again. What a great family I have been given!
Trying to put the rock back... haha! Elder D is the 'counter weight'.
 We hiked up to Angel's Landing, but Big C, Princess P and I only went to Scout Lookout. I am just too afraid of heights now. I did it in college and that was good enough. The older four had a good time though. (For those of you thinking I am a wimp... well, that's true, but there is a sign up there that warns you in this way: 'Since 2004, 6 people have died falling from the cliffs on this route...' I had a hard enough time sitting there waiting for my children to come back alive. It is a scary hike- enough said).
Sister S's photo of the boys on top of Angel's Landing. A breath-taking view! Note: That is a sheer 1,400 ft cliff behind them.
We didn't end up camping up on Gooseberry Mesa because of the horribly muddy, slick roads up there. (That was quite a story!) We ended up pitching tents well after dark down by St. George, just over the border in Arizona, out of the rain! 
Standing around the fire the next morning. 
The kids found a mountain bike trail on their phones the next day, that had rock climbing right by it. It was perfect! Everyone was happy!

My three biking sons heading out to do the Bear Claw Poppy Trail.
Sister S climbing with Big C belaying. 
 Princess P and I were content to draw and hike. After lunch the boys rode the trail one more time and then we drove home. One the way home we stopped in Kolob Canyon (it's part of Zion National Park). Why have we never been there before?? It was gorgeous, especially with the clouds on the mountain tops. I highly recommend it.
Princess P and I with Hanging Valley in the background.

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