Saturday, May 23, 2015


Spring is here, school is out, it is Memorial Day weekend and that means Scandinavian Festival! Most of my ancestors are from here in Sanpete County and are buried here as well, so much of my family comes here for the Scandinavian Festival (click for link) we have every Saturday before Memorial Day in our cute, little town.
The parade this year. We even had a plane buzzing the route, dropping t-shirts and bouncy balls on us.
 We always meet at my younger sister's house first, because she makes us all pancakes before the parade! Yum! It's the perfect start to the day.
Princess P and Sister S ate many pancakes!
 After the parade, we go over to the college for the Mountain Bike race, fittingly called 'Vike on a Bike.' The boys usually all ride in it, just for fun.
Cousin C in blue Nike shirt, Big C in orange helmet in back, Elder D in Green helmet, C Man in front in the red shirt/black helmet and Cousin A in turquoise blue shirt with silver helmet.
C Man and Elder D after the race.
Big C chatted his way to the finish line. No real hurry.
The girls go get Sanpete BBQ turkey while we wait for the guys to finish the race. YUM!
Later in the afternoon I have a BBQ at my house for all the visiting family. I love being able to see all of my cousins that come. It is like a mini reunion. (Yes, I actually like family reunions).
Sister S, Elder D and Cousin A.

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