Monday, August 3, 2015


Our annual trip to Idaho to run the Payette Rivers was VERY FUN! Our two oldest sons wanted to go to a concert instead of with us, so we took some other YSA kids with us. 
Getting ready for the first run- Cabarton.
Since we didn't have tons of little kids with us this year, Big C was able to run lots of Class IV stuff he has always wanted to try, but never had been able to do. Sister S was a little cautious, so I kept Princess P with me on the bank and let the big kids do it.

Staircase in the setting sun.
We had HOT weather this year, which was a nice change from some of the years we have gone. It was great rafting and swimming weather because the water wasn't too cold, it felt great to beat the heat! 
Sister S got back in a hard shell- the first time since her mission. She is amazing!
Kayakers on the Main Payette: Sister S, C, W, N and C Man.
Our awesome group! We'd definitely invite them again.
Our camp on the river.
One of the Class IV runs Big C wanted to do made Sister S a little nervous (she hadn't been on it for 3 years), so one of her friends gave her a 'temporary tattoo' in Sharpie of the map so she would know what was coming and when.
The only tattoo I'll ever approve of.
The big kids were the only ones to go on this run too. They had a blast!
Sister S's  edit of The Canyon group.
While we were there, the local kayakers held a slalom kayak race down a Class IV-V section of the river. One of the guys that came with us, C, wanted to enter, so we all went and watched. It was crazy! I can't believe he wanted to do it! He made it through the course, but it was NOT an easy thing.
'Those waves were this big!'- Kayak stories.
C Man and his buddy N wanted to try the hard shells, so they did Swirly in them. C Man did great! He's a pretty good paddler!
Kayaker in training.
On the last day, as is tradition, we packed up and got into our church clothes so we could attend on our way home. We went to the Horseshoe Bend branch and then made the long drive home. What a blast of a trip! Definitely one for the story books!

Sunday clothes at camp.

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