Sunday, October 18, 2015


Sister S has gotten to travel around Europe quite a bit while she's been in Ukraine. I am so jealous! She is getting to have some amazing experiences and just loving it! I'm so proud of her! I love her adventurousness! I just have to share some of her beautiful photos.
S and some of her friends in Odessa looking at ruins.
The window of a hostel in Odessa. She got to swim in the Black Sea.
More ruins in Odessa. (S on the left).
Ruins of a castle where they were filming a movie.
This looks fake it's so beautiful...
... but here she is standing in it (on the right), so it is real!
She got to go to Greece and stay on Santorini! Beautiful!

They went beach hopping on 4 wheelers. (S with the helmet)
This is so her! I love this picture!
S and a friend on Sanorini. (S on the right).
Here she is in Rome at the Vatican! (S second from the right).

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Leslie said...

Oh I am jealous. Great photos!