Saturday, December 26, 2015


I struggle with our Christmas Day traditions. The whole day just seems SO LONG! We have to stay up at the Barn with everyone on top of each other and find something to do. After all the stress and lack of sleep from the day before, it would be great to relax, but I just can't do it at the barn with everybody there. I'd much rather be at home, but I'm always out-voted so we stay.
The kids lining up on the stairs.
Girls opening gifts from Santa!
Sister S got some snow pants, a straightener, and a book by Alex Honnold (her latest crush). Princess P got a purple cello!
Boys opening gifts from Santa.
Elder D got a laptop, Awesome A got a digital music mixer, and C Man got new ski clothes.
Everyone playing with their new gifts.
It snowed last night, so the boys went out and enjoyed building jumps and pulling each other behind the snowmobile for speed. They had a good time.
The boys in the field building a jump for their rail so they can snowboard/ski.
The wind was even blowing a little, so Big C was able to kite a little.
Big C laying out his kite so he can get some wind action.
Loading up to finally go home!

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