Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I am finally taking the computer art class I have wanted to take forever. I have gone from being VERY frustrated to very EXCITED just today!

Our assignment is to create a set of 3 images that relate to each other in subject matter as well as style. After a few different ideas I decided on monster dolls. I have NO idea why, but they were fun to draw and I liked them, so I kept going. Those are my sketches up above.

Yesterday I started working on a computer version (above) and HATED it!
U-G-L-Y!! It just didn't look like my drawings. I wanted them to look like little stuffed toys and it DID NOT even come close. I was very discouraged and thought about giving up. But somehow this morning I just got up and went to class. Gosh, am I glad I did!
I made quite a bit of progress and got some monsters that I really like (above). I only have one more to do and I am so proud of my first computer illustrations! Pretty awesome considering the fact that I just learned today!! Bring it on Illustrator! I'm ready!!


Hoontah said...

You're so stinkin' talented.

The end.

Journey Rocks! said...

You sound like the way I remember feeling in high school when we had to "program" a computer to make a character move across the screen. It was pretty awesome (at the time).