Friday, September 2, 2011


S came home on Thursday night. It was SO fun to see her again. I always forget what a beautiful girl she is. We have had a great time being a whole family again. (Even if its only for a week).

She has been sleeping in a tent all summer, so she couldn't bring herself to sleep inside the first night. She looks like a homeless person, but I promise we didn't banish her to the back porch.

Big C talked her into running Cottonwood with him after work tonight. (He didn't have to talk too hard). After running rivers all summer, she is STILL loving it. This is a crazy river too- solid Class IV (the outlet of Joe's Valley Reservoir).

I don't know if a father and daughter could have more in common. These two are die hard outdoors lovers!

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Britt said...

Lol! Sam is so funny, and beautiful! Hope she can find a guy who can keep up with her...and the adventurous Gordon Fam!