Thursday, November 24, 2011


We had a wonderful Gordon Thanksgiving this year. We went up to 'The BARN', of course, and had turkey, a TON of mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, and lots of desserts. We were in food heaven (which is the purpose of Thanksgiving, right?)
Then, the day was so beautiful, we all went outside. The guys and the brave girls had a trap shoot. (BTW, I am NOT a brave girl- I hate shotguns). Here're D, Big C and Grandpa taking their turn.

This is Little C, Medium C, Uncle C and Mid C shooting those poor, defenseless clay pigeons.

Here is Little Miss C enjoying the sunny day. What a CUTIE!!

A had a great time! Food is one of his true loves, so he gives a big THUMBS UP to Thanksgiving.

Big C's cousin came with his family and brought us gifts. He markets these vinyl nail wraps called Tat Toes (you may have seen them in the mall) and he let us all choose some. Here are S (right) and N showing off the latest in nail fashion. I have some too and they are awesome! I wore mine over the summer for 6 weeks and they still looked perfect. We are fans!

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