Sunday, November 20, 2011


Yesterday my oldest daughter and I went north to the big metropolis for some Christmas shopping. And what is Christmas shopping without going out to lunch?

We went to Mimi's and had some very yummy food (I love quiche and never get it because my family hates it, so going to Mimi's is always wonderful for me). Our waiter was also very impressive. He wasn't drop-dead gorgeous, but was pretty darn cute with a very charming personality. His left hand was also free of a wedding band, so... I left S's phone number for him!

We laughed and laughed and decided that he'd never call, but it was funny and reminded us of the movie The RM. We were very entertained.

Well, he ended up texting her about 4 hours later while were shopping at Target! We just about died! We were as giggly as little girls. He seems like a nice guy, but later I really started to worry. What if he's a loon? What if he's psycho? I guess only time will tell, but I think I need to restrain my impulsiveness next time and let her pick up on her own guys. Then I don't have to feel responsible.

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Lorna said...

sounds fun! Gotta love mom-daughter bonding.