Friday, December 16, 2011


Today was a busy day. Little C has been working on a biography of Jesse Owens for a month or two now and has really enjoyed it. He was an amazing runner, track star, and olympian. He set world records in high school!
In the 1936 olympics in Berlin he won 4 gold medals. Hitler didn't want to congratulate Jesse (since he was African American), so he left the stadium. Interesting info. and Little C did a great job on those homemade gold medals, wouldn't you say?

When the two youngest got home from school that afternoon we went to our friendly neighborhood supermarket- Kent's to visit Santa and get a treat. Here is Little C. He wants snow pants for Christmas.

Here is Princess P with Santa. She was reluctant to sit on his knee, but candy always helps win her over. (We need to watch out for stranger dangers with her). She wants a Lalaloopsy doll. Bring on CHRISTMAS! We LOVE it!

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