Thursday, December 22, 2011


Last night I hosted the traditional Art Department Christmas party. As some of you may remember from years past, we bring an original work of art to trade. This year, as an added bonus and inspired by our spring trip to New York, we did a 'bad art' exchange as well.
I didn't get photos taken of the pieces I took to the party, but here are the ones I got to bring home. This is my rockin' bad art piece. One of the guys on the faculty got it at a dollar store. There was some hilarious bad art! I think we've started a fun new tradition!

Here we are, displaying our 'bad art.' I brought the lovely violin on the far left. (Aren't we a good looking faculty!) There was an Andy Warhol-esque version of Justin Bieber, a Bob Ross-esque DI painting, and a yarn and plastic calendar that smelled like old people, to name a few.

This is the good art I got. It is a linocut print and I LOVE it! ©Adam Larsen

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