Sunday, February 26, 2012


Big C and I took our kids up to Eagle Point this weekend for a quick family get-away. We rented a condo for Friday and Saturday nights so that we didn't have to do the drive all in one day. It was a lot of fun! Eagle Point is a ski resort family tradition. We feel like we have it all to ourselves. There's never any waiting in lines and it's a very family-oriented place.
I forgot my camera back in the condo, so S took all the photos with her iPhone. Here we are at the top of the Monarch lift (minus S who was taking the photo).

This is Big C, Princess P and me heading through the tunnel over to the other side of the resort.

Princess P and Little C on the snowcat ride over to some runs that don't have chairlift access. It was really fun!

To relive the boredom on the lift, we made the alphabet and different designs out of our shadows. Little C thought it would be more fun if they towed us up the hill behind snowmobiles. (That's what we do up Fairview- why did we even pay for a lift pass??)

Princess P, Me and Little C on the triple chair.

S, Little C, D and A on the the Lookout quad lift. It was a sunny, clear day but got VERY windy as the day progressed. We had a blast and made some very fun memories!

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