Monday, February 20, 2012


Today is a momentous day in the life of my oldest child! She is turning the big 2-0! No more teenage years for her. She has to be a grown up now.
She was the most darling baby! She had dark skin and quite a bit of black hair when she was born. She was the first grandchild on each side, so she got fawned over quite a bit!

Here she is in 8th grade! She was beautiful even with braces. I can't say the same about myself!

She's such a good big sister! She and Princess P are sharing a room and she is so kind about it. Most older sisters wouldn't be nice about legos and Barbies all over the room, but S is pretty cool about it (except for the occasional, 'I hate toys!' when she steps on one).

...with her mother (me) on the summit of Notch Peak a few years ago. She's such an adventurer. Big C is so thrilled to have such a goer in his offspring. She is willing to try anything and is almost as addicted to adrenaline as he is.

But most of all I am so impressed with what a spiritual girl she is. She is by far my most dedicated scripture reader. Even in high school, she was a scriptorian with great spiritual insight. I am so proud of her and the woman she has become! I feel so blessed to be her mother.

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